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Entrepreneurs are Innovation-driven and always ready to challenge conventional business norms. However, mastering significant obstacles such as capital markets, corporate governance, and management challenges is crucial for both immediate success and long-term sustainability.

Even the most gifted entrepreneurs can find foundational and operational challenges overwhelming without expert guidance.

At Capital Dynamics, we recognize that cohesive execution often requires powerful, experienced catalysts. Our mission is to provide the support and expertise necessary to navigate these complexities, unlocking your business potential and propelling you ahead of the competition. 


We offer a comprehensive range of services

Guiding you through the intricacies of maximizing your potential, rising to the top:

Engagement Levels

Whether you seek targeted advice or comprehensive partnership, our tailored engagement levels ensure the perfect fit for your ambitious goals.


Ideal for early-stage entrepreneurs looking to lay a solid foundation for their venture, or specific limited scope challenges.


Business model evaluation, initial market analysis, and basic strategic forecasting available at your fingertips to help you succeed.

Best for:

Entrepreneurs preparing for successful initial funding rounds and needing foundational business insights.


Gain detailed consultation on all aspects of successful capital raising, business model strategy, pitch, deal structuring, and negotiations.


Get access to pitch deck creation, financial documentation preparation, investor targeting strategies, and negotiation training.

Best for:

Entrepreneurs gearing up for seed or subsequent funding who require detailed preparation & strategic guidance.


Advanced support designed to scale your business, focusing on long-term fundraising and strategic expansion.


Ongoing advisory, advanced market analysis, strategic partnership development & continuous investor relations management.

Best for:

Established startups and growth-stage businesses looking to expand their market presence and secure additional funding.


Just for you, tailor-made consulting services to meet your unique challenges and propel your growth and success rate.


Support, detailed corporate governance, identifying select value partnerships, assessing exit strategies, market research, or financial structuring.

Best for:

Entrepreneurs & Emerging managers with specific needs particularly in unique markets, asset classes, or with complex products.

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Embracing the Grit Behind Brilliance

Under the leadership of Sherri Haskell, our team of seasoned professionals has seen firsthand how even the most brilliant visionary entrepreneurs may struggle with the daunting demands of operational execution and the complexities of capital markets.

25 Years of Experience

With over 25 years of experience in capital markets, Sherri Haskell has thrived in various roles, such as stockbroker and commodities trader for 12+ years, featured in financial best seller: Alexander Elder’s Entries and Exits, and owner/manager of Capital Dynamics Hedge Fund during the tumultuous period of 2007/08. She has emerged from these challenges unscathed and ready for more. Sherri’s subsequent years include an exceptionally successful tenure in private equity, where she co-launched thirteen private funds, raised total capital for all, and later founded Canna Angels, LLC as its CEO.

With three securities licenses (series 7, 63, 65) under her belt and as a Registered Investment Advisor, Sherri has successfully raised over $170 million across a diverse array of ventures, spanning from early-stage development to publicly traded enterprises and private funds. Her passion for equestrianism, coaching horsemanship, and traveling across ten different countries on horseback further enriches her fortitude, wealth of experience, diverse knowledge, confidence and empathy, which she brings to her consulting and advisory services.

Featured Article

Sherri Haskell was featured as one of The 15 Rising Stars of marijuana’s investment scene that everyone from Wall Street to Silicon Valley should know. May 2018

Sherri Haskell, Advisor

Global Leader investing, advising, and partnering in high-growth companies with women leaders, 132+ Investments, 10 Exits, $520M in Syndicate, & $32M Venture Fund.

Leadership Council

Since 1937 NSBA serves over 65k members in every industry. As an advocate leader, Ms. Haskell will be contributing to our Economic Development & Technology Committees.

Sherri Haskell, CEO / Founder

The leading cannabis Angel investment consortium. Proven in identifying, attracting, and funding exceptional tech-focused opportunities. 50 Companies, 6 Exits.

Top Reasons Start-Ups Fail:

Ran out of cash/failed to raise new capital
No market need
Got outcompeted
Flawed business model
Regulatory/legal challenges
Pricing/cost issues
Not the right team
Product Mistimed
Poor Product
Disharmony among team/investors
Pivot gone bad
Burned out/lacked passion

New Press Release!

Business Leader Sherri Haskell Named to NSBA Leadership Council


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Business Leader Sherri Haskell Named to NSBA Leadership Council


Sherri Haskell – (415) 722 4849 –

SAN FRANCISCO, CA– Sherri Haskell, CEO of Capital Dynamics Consulting, was recently named to the National Small Business Association (NSBA) Leadership Council. NSBA is the nation’s oldest small-business advocacy organization, operating on a strictly nonpartisan basis. As a seasoned leader in the business community, Ms. Haskell will collaborate with other small-business advocates nationwide to bring vital small-business issues to policymakers in Washington, D.C.

“As the CEO of Capital Dynamics Consulting, my commitment to shaping impactful advocacy that influences effective laws, regulation, and access to capital has never been stronger,” said Ms. Haskell. “My role in NSBA’s Leadership Council will further enable me to champion our collective small-business message to Congress.”

Ms. Haskell, who founded Canna Angels, LLC, has expanded her focus with Capital Dynamics Consulting, a firm dedicated to advancing business innovations and empowering both entrepreneurs and investors. Her extensive experience as a Registered Investment Advisor, stockbroker, and hedge fund manager, coupled with her active engagement in community service and equestrian sports, underscores her continued dedication to both her professional and personal pursuits.

Capital Dynamics Consulting focuses on driving financial and strategic innovation, offering specialized consulting services to empower entrepreneurs and investors. With a track record of raising capital for over fifty companies and dozens of funds, Ms. Haskell provides in-depth analysis, strategic planning, and capital-raising support. Her leadership at NSBA will concentrate on critical small business challenges such as tax reform, regulatory restraint, healthcare costs, and especially how access to capital impacts small businesses.

“I am proud to have Sherri Haskell as part of our Leadership Council,” stated NSBA President and CEO Todd McCracken. “She came to us highly recommended, and I look forward to our coordinated efforts for years to come.”

For more on the NSBA Leadership Council, please visit For more information about Capital Dynamics Consulting, visit


Letter of Recommendation

A decade and a half ago, I was recommended to her as a start-up specialist. What I observed is an unprecedented mix of smarts, experience, personality, and determination, to name just a few.

She had been a successful stock trader and was in transition at the time and looking for Sherri’s next opportunity. Cannabis was just at the beginning as an industry, and she perceptively saw the potential. Despite the uncertainty and image of cannabis, she recognized that the time was right, and knew she could be a force in moving it forward. And she was right. She created CannaAngels, started making presentations, engaged a large law as her sponsor partner, and within a short period of time became the national leader and a required panelist on conferences across the country.

I’ve seen her build a network of experienced advisors, access financial support for small start- ups, educate, counsel, and train the start-ups to make presentations to investors and write excellent materials.

Her ability to quickly and perceptively see the strengths and areas to improve an organization is beyond impressive. She can ‘zero in’ on what works, how to build on it, and what needs support. I have never seen anyone else close to her extensive skillset that knows instinctively how to execute necessary changes with confidence and skill.

Her approach to founders and employees is kind, but firm, and she quickly brings tremendous value to an organization as she becomes a necessary part of their growth. I’ve seen her do it numerous times over the years.

She is charming, funny, very smart, knows how to ‘work the room’, make powerful connections, and is the first one to bring along as you grow your organization.
Her marketing smarts, financial acumen, quick perceptions, planning and execution skills are C- level. She is at the top of my list of someone to bring along to build an organization.

If you have the opportunity to associate with Sherri to start, grow and maintain your organization with confidence and fun, I highly recommend that you engage her for the ride to growth and success.

If you have questions or would like to inquire more about Sherri, please contact me. 

Tom Goren